Investment policy

Checked on 02 June 2020

Investment policy

Philips Pensioenfonds wants to offer a pension that retains its purchasing power in the long term. So that you can buy as much of it later as now. We also call this a 'real pension'; that is our ambition.

To achieve that ambition, it is very important that your pension can be adjusted to price increases (for pension recipients and non-contributory policyholders) and wage increases (for pension builders). We call this "indexation". In order to enable indexation of your pension in the long term, we must achieve a sufficient return with the investments.

Responsible investment

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Important information on the investment policy

Quick introduction

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Quick introduction on the investment policy

Your pension carefully invested

Investment risks

Philips Pensioenfonds invests its assets in order to be able to pay the retirement incomes of the employees and former employees of Philips and Signify. The pension premiums need to be invested in order to achieve an adequate retirement income. Investing involves risks, and Philips Pensioenfonds spends much of its time managing those risks as effectively and as efficiently as possible.

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What are the costs of your pension?

Pension costs

Pension funds make investments in order to achieve the highest possible returns, subject to predefined risk limits. However, it is impossible to generate investment returns without incurring costs, such as transaction and management costs. In addition, an accurate pension administration also leads to administrative costs.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What does an investment in 'cash' mean?

    This refers to investments that are easy to sell and that are safe. In practice we mean by investing in cash that we invest in debt securities from loans that governments and companies have entered into with investors with a very short duration and very good creditworthiness. These characteristics ensure that the investments are safe, because they can be converted into money quickly. 

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