More about the Accountability Body

Checked on 29 April 2020

Accountability Body  

The Board of Trustees renders account for its policies and how they are implemented to the Accountability Body. The Accountability Body has the authority to render an opinion on those policies and their implementation, and on the Board’s decisions about future policies. Its opinion is published in the annual report for that year.

The Accountability Body also has the right to advise on various matters, as dictated by law. The Board seeks input from the Accountability Body for establishing the pension fund’s goals and policy assumptions, including its risk appetite.

Composition of the Accountability Body

The Accountability Body is made up of four representatives of the retired members, one representative of the active members and one representative of the employers. It also has stand-in members for the employees and the employers.

Representing the retired members:

  • Eric Coutinho
  • Jan Cuperus
  • Roland Takken
  • Ad Verhagen

Representing the active members:

  • Christiane van der Wateren
  • Gerard den Otter (stand-in member)

Representing the employers:

  • Jurjen Jongma
  • Jan Hoogeveen (stand-in member)
Accountability Body’s opinion

The opinion on the 2019 reporting year is presented in the 2019 annual report, together with the response of the Board of Trustees. The Accountability Body’s opinion starts on page 99 of the annual report.


Opinion Accountability Body

In the annual report the opinion of the Accountability Body is included each year.

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